Haiku competition winner: Danny Blackwell!

In October 2016 we ran a haiku competition, asking readers to submit haikus based along the theme of mortality. We received so many great entries, and after a public vote, are delighted to announce the winner as Danny Blackwell!

As promised Danny, here's your haiku turned into a Dia de Muertos-inspired comic!

*Author's note: Japanese custom dictates that after cremation friends and family use ritual chopsticks to select the remains of bones from a cremated body and then pass these remains between each other. This led to the taboo at mealtime of passing food from one person to another from chopstick to chopstick [a ritual only observed at cremations]. Aside from this, at mealtimes wavering chopsticks, due to indecision, is also considered bad manners. Japan is a country where traditions, taboos, and etiquette are very much at the forefront of everyday life. This haiku is from a real experience.

Congratulations again Danny, and we'd like to thank everyone who submitted a haiku or voted. You all made it so much fun for us! We really appreciate it.