GUEST POST: Andrew Hamilton

Here's introducing today's guest post from Andrew Hamilton!

Who Wants To Live Forever

Mortality isn't something I think about too often. Well not anymore.

You see I was faced with my own demons at a very young age when I first discovered people actually die. Sure, my Granddad had died but he was old and old people die right?

But my Mum was about the age I am now, and I wasn't expecting her to die even though she had suffered through several long years of Multiple Sclerosis. But one day I was dragged from school and sure enough, I discovered younger people die too.

I wasn't sad.

I was heartbroken like something I had never felt before. You see I was a Mummy's boy who no longer had a Mummy.

Even writing about this still makes me well up and that was such a long time ago.

[Pulls self together]

Death stays with you until you die.

And the more impact you make in this world, the more you will impact others when you die.

Yes, you will die and despite your beliefs, you only get one shot at this life. [Spoiler Alert]

But what if you could live forever?

Like in the movie 'The Highlander' or even to be like 'Wolverine', seemingly invincible?

What if you questioned mortality with the belief you could live forever.

How painful would that be?

A life filled with many lost ones, tragedies and heartbreaks.

Do you really want to live forever?

Immortality works best when others around you are also immortal. That way nobody needs to get hurt. But there can only be one.

So when you consider your options and come to the realization that being mortal is a lot less painful, you can start a plan of action to ensure you maximize the life you have.

If you begin to work on your legacy, you'll soon be less worried about mortality and more so about what you are leaving behind.

I quit my day job, to give me more time to create my legacy while I still have the motivation and mental strength to do this.

As a result of 'getting back my time', I can spend more time with my kids and do more things that make me happy.

Life isn't all about working until you retire.

And once you lift the fog of 'The Daily Grind' you start to see a new perspective on life.

Mortality suddenly becomes something you can ignore until you die.

Andrew Hamilton quit his 6-figure salary job in search of a more meaningful life. A life with purpose and self-discovery. When he's not writing on his blog he can be found exploring his inner childhood playing with LEGO. He now chooses to create his own path in life and not follow the one society had laid out for him.